Thursday, November 3, 2016


I like open source. Specifically, I like github. Mostly because if something annoys me in code, I can fork, change, then pull from my branch in the future (how I handle TQDM). Or clone, update locally, and pull changes, dealing with conflicts in the future (how I handle oh-my-zsh). Either way, I can make my changes persist somehow.

The reason I bring this up, is because I wanted to test my code against the RDPlot package. I threw my data at it and it worked just fine, until I tried to do area confidence limits. Because the RDPlot code uses xline, Stata lays that down as part of the axis, which the area plot then covers. So there's no vertical line at the RD cutoff in the middle of the graph. This will just not do. So I opened the code, and added the following (on line 646 if you're interested, changes bolded). Now it looks as I desire, but I can't make this persist across updates. Nor can I submit a bug report or a pull request. If only it were on github :(. C'est la vie, it works for now.

quietly sum cir_bin, d
local plot_y_max = r(max)
quietly sum cil_bin, d
local plot_y_min = r(min)

twoway (rarea cil_bin cir_bin meanx_bin, sort color(gs11)) ///
(scatter meany_bin meanx_bin, sort msize(small) mcolor(gs10)) ///
(line y_hat x_sup if x_sup<`c', lcolor(black) sort lwidth(medthin) lpattern(solid)) /// (line y_hat x_sup if x_sup>=`c', lcolor(black) sort lwidth(medthin) lpattern(solid)) ///
(pci `plot_y_max' `c' `plot_y_min' `c', lcolor(black) lwidth(medthin) legend(off)), ///
xline(`c', lcolor(black) lwidth(medthin)) xscale(r(`x_min' `x_max')) legend(cols(2) order(2 "Sample average within bin" 3 "Polynomial fit of order `p'" )) `graph_options'